Solmay video editing experts convey much more than after creation support. A leading video altering group in india puts stock in empowering its customer with consistent and gainful redistributing experience. Solmay is picked accomplice for both large and small organizations, documentry makers, youtubers as well as for wedding photographers.

Five Reasons to Use Video Marketing

Video marketing statistics and research show that the future of digital marketing is linked to video content. Approximately 70% of the one billion hours spent watching YouTube videos is daily attributed to mobile device use. While this information is motivation within itself, there are more practical reasons to use video marketing. These include:
  1. Video Increases Conversion and Sales : The rapid advancement of technology has resulted in video dominating all forms of sales. This is because visual media stimulates people and they are more likely to engage with visual material. Statistics show that a video showcasing your product, and its benefits, on your landing page will increase sales to website visitors by 80%. Explainer-videos are one example of how marketers have capitalized on the opportunity to sell to a potential customer on a visual platform, as customers indicated that they are more likely to purchase a product after learning how it works.
  2.  Social Platforms Prefer Videos : Customer engagement on social media platforms offers marketers insight into their buyers’ preferences. Not only are they able to cater directly to the needs of their target audience, but they could create marketing material to solidify brand value further and create awareness. With social media specifically designed for “liking and sharing,” businesses can better understand customer interest.

3. Increase Your Site’s SEO : Statistics show that adding a YouTube video on a business landing page significantly increases ranking across several search engines, including Google and Youtube. Furthermore, a high online ranking makes your site more “discoverable,” and more likely to appear in search suggestions. Optimizing your video’s keywords and meta information to align with title and description will further increase your SEO rank.  Embedding a video into your site instills a sense of credibility and trust.

4. Mobile Viewers Prefer Video : According to YouTube, mobile views have shown a 100% increase in year-on-year. Since 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others, marketers have adapted their marketing efforts to present better on mobile devices.

5. Video Shows a High Return on Investment : In analyzing marketing performance data, minor internal exercises reveal that video production (especially the professional editing thereof) is a costly task. However, the data also shows that video marketing has the highest return on investment. The attraction of video marketing is linked to the rapid advancement of technology. Online video editing tools are always improving, and the services of professional video editors are becoming more affordable.

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Main services

Video Production

Wedding Video

Solmay offers extensive wedding video editing administration to assist you with concentrating on creating and shooting the wedding function. Our Team is expertise in editing Pre wedding video, wedding video, making highlights of wedding video, invitations and lots more. 

Corporate Video

Solmay offers corporate video editing administrations that empower organizations to deliberately use their corporate video content in B2B and B2C marketing. Associations can support their corporate and brand messages and increment work culture sway with expertly created videos that expand brand character.

Promo Video

Somay Offers promo video editing administration  which helps the organisations  to provide their  most information in the shortest amount of time, and to maintain the viewer’s interest.

Further Editing Services

Holiday Video

Too often after a special vacation, the photos and videos of your trip sit unused in a folder of your desktop or memory card – unused and unseen. With the help of our experts team of solmay you can convert these raw footage into professional holiday video

Birthday Video

Make your loved one’s birthday memorable. Solmay provides beautiful  birthday wish and  invitation videos which makes the celebration more beautiful.

Brochure Video

Solmay provides video brochure design service with a professional touch. Our carefully planned video brochure production services revolve around creating eBrochures that capture your marketing objective adhering to the specific brand guidelines.

Personal Video

Solmay provides editing services for your personal videos. We’ll convert your pictures into a stunning photo presentation video. We also provide Explainer video editing and editing of your personal raw video , so they look more  stunning and dramastic. 

Youtube Video

Solmay offers its clients much more than simple professional YouTube video editing services. Our complete focus is on creating a remarkable video that engages your viewers and maintains their interest right from the beginning till the end.

Project Video

There are number of situation that you make your project good but graphically it wont look as good as you want to be. Solmay helps you by making your project graphically more correct, so that it will catch the eyes of your organisation members.

How It Works ?

Design Brief

The client explains the details and concept of a project. Client will be asked about his industry, his ideas, theme and key colors to be used.


Brainstorming sessions and research is conducted to come up with unique concepts.Concepts according to the client requirement are made at this point.

First Draft & Revision

The initial concepts are created and shared with the client for review. The client review and/or provides feedback.

Final Delivery

After going through all the stages and feedbacks, the design is finally launched and/or delivered as per the requirement.